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Know About ASPHP Membership.

ASPHP is the leader in providing informative, timely, and innovative education and training for safe patient handling and mobility (SPHM) professionals.

We are inviting members and non-members to join the 2022 ASPHP Virtual National SPHM Education Event. The Event is FREE to the first 1500 registrants.

This fast paced 5-hour educational event features a number of topics, including the latest 2022 SPHM trends across various healthcare settings and specialties. SPHM as the key to protecting therapists, nurses and others from injury and improving the therapeutic environment will be presented.


  1. Outline resources, talking points and specific steps necessary to engage and educate executive champions into your SPHM vision and experience.
  2. Explain ways to integrate live or virtual “hands-on” learning into your SPHM program.
  3. Describe efficiencies in performing the top challenging handling and mobility tasks.
  4. Identify specific ways to include patient safety initiatives into your SPHM action plan.

Do not miss the chance to be part of this all-new and practical event!