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Celebrating our 10th Year Serving YOU!

This 5-hour educational event features an interdisciplinary team that will present 2021 SPHM milestones or challenges across the states. SPHM as the key to protecting therapists and others from injury and improving the therapeutic environment will be presented. The collaborative relationship and unique roles of therapy (PT/OT) medicine, safety, and nursing will be described. An update on the actual needs of clinicians caring for patients and residents who weigh 500 to 1200 pounds, including: planning, managing expectations, diagnostic challenges, skin issues and the threats of worker injury. Simulated patient care using a body-cam will allow attendees to “see” what is means to be mobilized in SPHM technology/equipment. Mobility that integrates SPHM is the key to patient, worker and organizational success. Trends in mobility, assessment (org, unit, patient), equipment demonstration will be featured. A variety of topics will be presented such as the person who has COVID-19, obesity or other immobility concerns across practice settings and disciplines. The COVID-19 situation has threatened SPHM and the role of SPHM coordinators/professionals. Attendees will be challenged to discuss some tips to not only survive, but thrive in the face of competing priorities.