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The American Nurses Association is committed to driving initiatives that prevent unnecessary injury and keep nurses, health professionals, and patients safe. Musculoskeletal disorders and injuries are often caused by manually lifting patients, and nurses and health care professionals are at risk every day.  The consequences can be devastating impacting not only the workers’ health, but also patient care.  According to the Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation® 2020-2021 Survey, 33% of respondents consider themselves at risk from lifting or repositioning.  Through tools such as the National Standards 2nd Edition, education programs, policies, and advocacy, health professionals can remain safe and universal safe patient handling and mobility can be a reality. Learn more....

Product Showcase

  1. SPHM Video
  2. National Standards 2nd Edition paperback
  3. National Standards 2nd Edition e-book.
  4. The SPHM Survey developed in collaboration with Hill Rom is open until March. The purpose of the survey is to learn more about the injury history and practices while mobilizing patients. It is open to all health professionals so please share with your colleagues and networks.